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Advantages of Quality Registered Nurse Professional Members

Currently, A&A Nurses Registry is the only non-profit nursing association registry operating in northern New Jersey. Because our mission is to promote the excellence of nursing practice and there are no profit motives involved, the association is able to take extraordinary care in reviewing member nurses' credentials. As a result, A&A has established itself as referring the finest and most reputable RN's in the area.

A&A members are New Jersey licensed Registered Professional Nurses with an average of 15 years acute care experience. Before being referred by A&A, they are screened by the association's rigorous application and credentials process to insure that each meets the highest of professional nursing standards. Each member must agree to an annual credentials and CPR update to maintain an active status on the registry.

A&A members form a very diverse group. They have graduated from Associate, Diploma, Baccalaureate and Graduate degree programs in nursing. Among our membership there are those who hold various ANA certifications (RNC, medical - surgical etc.) as well as certifications in case

 management, critical care, CPR instruction, I.V. and PICC line management, ventilator care, wound care, dialysis, etc...

Our members contain certified school nurses, a certified teacher, a RN with an MBA, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, a holistic RN, and a RN licensed to practice law.

What Professional Member Nurses Do for You

 Apart from rendering nursing care to accutely ill patients in hospitals and providing long term care to patients in nursing and private homes, A&A nurses provide care to travelling patients and make confidential patient care visits at home.

A&A referred nurses provide cost-effective substitute nursing services to the county's special services day school and workshop programs as well as individual care for handicapped and special needs children in these programs.

Our nurses have also:

  • Conducted well mother/baby education sessions to mothers in need.
  • Assisted in pharmaceutical research studies.
  • Provided blood pressure screenings and medication reviews to senior citizen goups.
  • Conducted medical record reviews for HMOs preparing for NCQA accreditation.

Several of our professional Registered Nurses, from left to right:

Lucille Haubner, RN; Beverly Sheehan, RN; Noreen Flugger, RN; Mary ellen Burns, RN; Claire Gladwell, RN; Mary Ann Grieco, RN; Kathy Bisi, RN; Janet Dobbs, RN; Janet Kelly, RN.

Are you a Registered Nurse interested in joining our professional membership?

Founded in 1992 by twelve Registered Nurses in New Jersey for the purpose of promoting the excellence of independent and professional nursing practice, our membership is open to professional nurses (RN's) registered and licensed in New Jersey. As of 2001, our organization has grown to include over 100 Registered Nurses.

We welcome experienced and committed independent professional nurses. Our membership offers nurses professional collegiality and encourages community service and the professional advancement of our members through scholarship assistance in pursuing graduate degrees in nursing.

If you are interested in joining our nursing membership, we would love to hear from you.

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